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Loopers Vol. 1: Photographs by Toni

The inaugural photo-zine for Loopers, a documentary project dedicated to the strange scenes within Chicago's Loop. This volume contains black and white images and surrealistic overlays by Toni, a mysterious photog.

24 pages, Risograph cover, Xerox interior, Staple-Bound.

All Chicago, all the time.


Osaka, Japan April 2019


2 Thrasher Ave. Radio 04/23/19 | KLF with Tom Burtonwood


2 Thrasher Ave. Radio 03/26/19 | Sound Art and Music from Audio Arts Magazine with Kamau Amu Patton VXZC_TEL


I'm working on a new photo/mail art project this year called "I Dream You."
1 4x6 photograph shipped to your door at the end of every month
1st installment late January 2019
Archival print

Choose Your Location


Basketball, 26-page photobook about Taunton, MA. Self-published in 2016. Available via Printed Matter, Inc.


2 Thrasher Ave. Radio 12/18/18


Free Ca$h Vacation at Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection


Born 1985 Taunton, MA
Lives and works Chicago, IL

Founder/Editor/Art Director, Challenger BMX Magazine
Designer, Radius
Librarian, School of the Art Institute of Chicago's John M. Flaxman Library



Nick Ferreira
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