I became interested in art and graphics via BMX, skateboarding, and punk. Those worlds still inform my practice but I also find inspiration in art, artists’ books, and the massive visual world we find ourselves in—from canonical design to amateur graphics.

I graduated from art school (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth BFA) in 2008. I spent most of my time taking photos of my hometown of Taunton, MA. I fell in love with photo books. At the same time I got a job at the public library in Taunton. From there I’ve straddled two worlds: art and libraries.

Post art school I maintained an art practice but found myself working in libraries. While I was learning about the field of librarianship I was making zines, books, and other one-off publications in my own time. I lived in Los Angeles for a little bit; I worked at the Los Angeles Public Library and was blogging part time for ESPN. After Los Angeles, I moved back to the east coast and went to library school in Providence (well South Kingston, RI to be exact). After obtaining a Master’s in Library and Information Studies, I moved to Chicago for a librarian position at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). I worked there for about 7.5 years.

During my time working at SAIC I maintained that same multimedia art practice but with a sharper focus on design projects. I worked on both freelance and self-directed projects designing books, magazines, exhibitions, and more. I spent a lot of this practice working on Challenger BMX Magazine.

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