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While I’ve had various careers and detours over the years, the one constant has always been, pardon the sincerity,  a desire to create. Regardless of what I did for money, I’ve maintained a creative practice which has generally revolved around photography and publishing. Ever since I first convinced my dad run off a bunch of photocopies of the cut-and-paste zine I made in middle-school, I’ve been hooked on sharing information via print, broadcast radio, and the internet.
    The first zine I ever made...

    Edition of 25

    Images culled from 1970s era Skateboarder magazine.

    Variable dimension found-text pieces
    These are made from collecting detritus—flyers on telephone poles, spam FAX messages, junk mail—and finding the right combo of words.
    The ones above were exhibited at SAIC’s John M. Flaxman Library in 2013. The exhibition was called FREE CA$H VACATiON

    For awhile I was putting these back up on telephone poles.

    A weekend photographing Taunton, Massachusetts and reading the local paper during March Madness spawned this artists’ book I made in 2015, Basketball.

    You can purchase a copy at Printed Matter here.

    A little backstory on this element, which is found in the right-hand corner on each recto page of the artists’ book seen above: I saw this curious object affixed to a telephone pole from afar. It’s just a bunch of telephone pole detritus with an inexplicable top layer of lattice. But from afar it looked like some sort of abstract painting. In the book it starts out very small on and gets progressively larger on each page to represent the act of driving towards something in the distance. It acts as a story within a story.

    Choose your own adventure poster: are you a procrastinator or are you trying to seize the day?

    Offset print
    Edition of 500

    A selection of episodes from my radio show, 2 Thrasher Ave. Radio, broadcast via the internet on Whether it’s a book or a radio show, I love using the goal of a finished product as the means of doing research.

    One of my latest concoctions, a photo-zine about Berrien County, Michigan. The breeziest county.
    I’m a designer with a background in photography, publishing, and librarianship.  

    Most recently, I was an in-house Designer at Harvard Innovation Labs. Freelance clients include Hindman Auctions (Freeman’s | Hindman), Pillar VC, First to Knock,  Jay Youngdahl, and more.

    Before my career in design I was an academic librarian at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

    In my spare time I maintain a personal art practice that is based in photography. Since 2017, I have published and edited Challenger, a BMX magazine that takes multiple forms. Its current form is a monthly subscriber only newsletter.


    Challenger BMX Magazine